Educare (now Pinellas Avademy) has been a great resource for our son. After being in a private in home daycare for two years transitioning him to a preschool was a tall order. After a failed attempt at another school, Pinellas Avademy has exceeded our expectations. My son has become a much happier boy after their sweet teachers were able to help coax him in the transition. He has improved in several areas such as talking, potty training, motor and social skills. He loves going in every morning and the attachment he has to all the girls there is amazing. He has adored every teacher there he has had and comes home every night telling me about all the fun educational activities they do during the day. The school always has a fun activity going on and will do whatever they can to make learning a fun experience for your child. We not only plan to use them in the continued future for our son until he’s old enough for elementary school but we highly recommend them to our friends and family. All in all Educare (now Pinellas Avademy) is a great school and will do all it can to build a great foundation for your child and their future.

Ashley Weeks, 11/20/2014

Dear Miss Daisy,
It saddens me to inform you that I will be moving to Tampa. Do you have a school in Hillsborough County? I would love for Kelly to stay with Educare (now Pinellas Avademy). I’m very appreciative for what you have done to assist me with obtaining Kelly with a VPK voucher and for working with me with her wrap around fee.  I don’t know what I would have done without your assistance and your school.  I don’t know how to repay you for everything you have done for my daughter and I.  Again thank you so much, she was very happy there.
P.S. Kelly misses the school, she misses her friends and cries every morning; she says she wants to go back to her old school – Educare (now Pinellas Avademy).  I’m aware she needs to get used to her new school and I wanted to let you know your school has made a great impact on my daughter. Again thank you!  Iris

Educare preschool (now Pinellas Avademy) has been a blessing to our family . Our daughter started when she was 13 months old and she’s 3 months shy of turning two. The staff and her teachers have always made us feel so comfortable. We know our daughter is safe and happy . She’s learned so much ! The owner, Mrs. Daisy is a committed woman who truly loves and cares about the children, the staff and the school. I would recommended this preschool to anyone who is looking for a place where they’re child is going to be well taken care of ,learn and can be sure that the children’s best interest is at heart.
The Clay Family

My daughter started at Educare (now Pinellas Avademy) when she was one-year-old. The staff made for a very easy transition. They go above and beyond to provide what your child needs. Owners Andy and Daisy are approachable and always accommodating to any arising situation. They have a lunch and snack program that is so helpful (time-saving) as a working mother. Their prices are very competitive, the staff has a much lower turnover compared to other day care centers we have been at, and overall a great experience. My daughter can say more colors in Spanish than I can
Thanks to Educare (now Pinellas Avademy) 🙂
K. Gill

Totally love this school! I have 3 kids, 4, almost 2, and an 8
week old. I had to take my 4 year old out for a couple weeks when I delivered and that boy talked about all his friends and his teachers the whole time he was home! He loves it!! The teachers are amazing and so is Ms. Daisy and Mr. Andy!! I remember one day I couldn’t get my 18 month old in her car seat she was throwing a temper tantrum and it was the middle of September, hot as heck, I was 8 months pregnant so my patience was wearing thin..and Ms. Daisy helped me get her in the car! They are amazing and everyone there is really friendly! I highly suggest checking it out!!

My son was abused as a child and I needed a school that was patient and sensitive to his needs. Daisy and Andy made my son feel like family. He has been there 4 years and he has grown into a little man. Compared to other schools I have been to, there is a difference. After he made the initial adjustment, he has excelled at school. I am a single mom and they understand that sometimes it is hard on me financially and they work with me. A school with heart and soul.
Please check it out 🙂 Mrs. J. Viloria

Dear Miss Daisy, Mr. Andy and the Educare (now Pinellas Avademy) Staff,

When Mikayla was a little over 1 year old we were looking for a safe daycare institution to place our granddaughter now our daughter. We were just looking for people whom we could trust. We found EDUCARE  (now Pinellas Avademy) and it was much, much more. It was a very safe haven with a staff full of love and care for our daughter. She was loved, disciplined, understood and treated as though she was the daughter of each and everyone of your staff including yourself. She grew to love and look forward to being with each of her teachers and their helpers. The week she was practicing for her graduation from pre-k, she said to me “Papa we were practicing for graduation and I started to cry because I don’t want to leave them”. Kathy and I could not have asked for any more from you and your staff. When Mikayla had behavioral problems at school you worked with us. As Mikayla grew you all helped her grow. You reinforced our teachings concerning God. You taught her a meal blessing which she still uses for us at mealtime. It is bitter sweet that Mikayla moves on to her new school. We will always remember and thank you for your love and care of our daughter.

May God always bless you and hold you in his hands.
-John and Kathy Abernethy